Beginning to #livethedreamatkisc

So… I promised myself that I would write this blog once a week. But the truth is,  at KISC (Kandersteg International Scout Centre) we make ‘friends, not promises’ and that’s exactly what I’ve been busy doing.

I arrived at KISC with few prior expectations,  since I’ve never been but only heard what others have said about it. It is stunning.  And magical. And everything I hoped for.


It started by meeting up with some of the other ‘shorties’ ( short term staff, here for three months) at Zurich airport. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook,  we’d already chatted a bit but it didn’t mean that I wasn’t super nervous! But there was something about those people that meant that by the time we got to KISC, it felt like we’d already achieved something together and that set the tone for the weeks to come.

I’m not going to tell you all about training week, because I want to keep it for any future pinkies to experience on their own. I think that was one of the joys of never having had been to KISC before; everything is shiny new to me and I’ve loved getting to know the place and all the people behind it.

Since I’ve been here I’ve already done things I would never have done otherwise.  Skiing more difficult routes than I’ve done before, hiking partway up a mountain to sled back down,  hiking up to sit on a bench just to appreciate the incredible views and the silence. I’ve finally learnt to reverse park ; and I’m cooking and eating dishes introduced by all different nationalities.


So I’m looking forward to seeing the weather change from snow to sun (although yes,  I have already sunburnt), to getting to know people and continuing to grow and  take in all the experiences that the next few months have to offer.

I’ll try and pencil in some time to keep this updated… but you can follow @jessicameganrose on instagram should you want to see many pictures of mountains and people in pink t shirts.

Jess x


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