A Year of Adventures

This time last year, I couldn’t help thinking about the future.

I was in the final stages of my degree, busy with societies and living in amongst the vibrant bustle of Brighton. As much as I loved being a student, it couldn’t be forever; I had hoped that doing my degree would set me in my career path but I found myself wanting to see more of the world before I settled myself into a job.

Before this, I’d been lucky enough to go to America, Sweden, Japan (and a quite a few more!) on trips, primarily through the Scouts. Travel has always been my motivator; my first solo trip was to Monaco on French Exchange, aged 13. Because I was a minor, I got air hostess supervision – and a look in the cockpit! I was hooked, and ever since then I’ve said yes to every trip I could get myself booked on to.

For me, the difference is I don’t just like to go on holidays and stay in resort (although of course I’ll never say no!). My passion is staying with local families, experiencing the culture and developing an appreciation for all things that are different and the same between those people and myself. Blending in is my key phrase and I have been lucky to have had this opportunity many times already.

So here I go. I did a summer season in Greece last year, and that was meant to be my break. But I’m addicted. So I went to Andorra last week. Switzerland, to volunteer at the International Scout Centre in Kandersteg, from tomorrow until June. Iceland, for ten days at the end of July. Rome, for six months, as an au pair, from September. I am ready. Ready to soak in the world and hope that this year will teach me a few things about myself and give me the chance to learn a language and give me friends to practice with.

Watch this space… who knows what I’ll be up to!

Jess x




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